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Presently, there are no changes to the City's waste collection services or schedules. Garbage and recycling continue to be picked up in the same way. For more information visit

EWMC Closed
The Edmonton Waste Management Centre site is closed to the public today, March 13, 2019. There is no impact to residential collection at this time.

The City of Edmonton collects garbage and recycling from over 400,000 single and multi-family homes.

Be sure to set out your carts and blue bags by 7am on your collection day!

Edmonton Cart Rollout

The way Edmontonians sort and manage waste at home is changing.

Edmonton is transitioning to cart-based waste collection, with separate collection of food scraps and seasonal yard waste.

Learn more about the Edmonton Cart Rollout

Cart Collection has Started - Check Your Schedule!

Carts are now being picked up in some areas, but you should check before using yours. Most residents will have a gap between when they receive their carts, and when they should start using them. 

 - Consult the new collection calendar and city map that came with your carts
 - Search your address in WasteWise to view your new collection schedule and sign up for reminders

Do not set out your carts until your first scheduled cart collection date. Until then, continue to set out your waste as you currently do.

Find out when your carts are coming

Learn the ins and outs of your new waste system!
 Sign up for an Education Session 
Learn how to set out your carts correctly
Sorting waste — what goes where?

Seasonal yard waste collection begins April 19 for residents who have transitioned to cart-based collection. Find your yard waste collection days or learn more about setting out yard waste.

Request cart maintenance or swap your garbage cart size after you’ve received your carts.

Stay up to date on the latest information and updates. Sign up for notifications

Need help with setting out your carts? Free assistance is available for residents who have physical challenges with setting out waste. Apply for Assisted Waste Collection.


My Collection Day

Search your collection day and set up a collection reminder.
Use the tool online or download it from Google Play or the Apple App store.

Request a collection schedule

  • Email

  • Tell us you would like a collection schedule
  • Include your complete address.

A schedule will be emailed by the end of the next working day

Setting out Waste for Collection

In order to be collected:

  • All waste must be set out by 7am on the correct collection day. 
  • Recycling must be set out in blue bags.
  • If cart-based collection has begun in your neighbourhood, garbage and food scraps must be set out using the correct carts. No extra bags or containers will be collected. Carts must be placed out for collection with correct positioning and spacing according to the diagram on the side of your cart. Review these cart placement tips for more information. Yard waste must be set out in paper or clear plastic yard waste bags or in bundles on seasonal yard waste collection days. 
  • If you have not transitioned to cart-based collection, garbage must be set out in bags or cans that do not exceed 20 kg (44 lbs). Cans must hold under 100L and should have fixed handles that do not move or swivel. 

Seasonal Yard Waste Collection

As part of the Edmonton Cart Rollout, yard waste waste will be collected seasonally. There will be two pickups in spring and two in fall for each residence. 

  • If you have transitioned to cart-based collection, learn more about how and when to set out your yard waste
  • If you have not transitioned to cart-based collection yet, continue to set out your yard waste with your other waste

Report a Missed Collection

If your waste was not collected, first check to ensure that your waste was set out correctly, on time and that there was no notice left behind detailing any issues. Please correct the issues for your next collection day. Collectors will not return to pick up improperly set out waste. 

If you believe your waste collection was missed in error, please report it to 311. The issue will be investigated and if found to be in error, the waste will be collected. 

Blue Bag

  • collected on the same day as your garbage

Place your clean recyclables loosely into blue see-through plastic bags.

Set them out one metre (3 1/2 feet) from your regular garbage containers so that they're not mistakenly collected as waste.

Where do I get Blue Bags?

Blue Bags are available at all major grocery and hardware stores. The City of Edmonton does not sell blue bags. Do not use green or black garbage bags because they will be collected as regular garbage. Only material placed in or beside the Blue Bags will be collected as recyclables.

What happens to the Blue Bag Materials?

When the blue bags are collected from your home they are taken to Edmonton's Materials Recovery Facility where they are sorted and baled for market. They are then sold throughout Alberta, BC, the western US and Asia.

Why can I no longer use my Blue Box to set out my recyclables?

Blue Boxes can decrease the quality of the recyclable material collected because materials can get wet when it rains or snows. Items set out inside a Blue Box can cause unintentional littering as items get blown about by the wind.  

Using a Blue Bag is easy and keeps your recyclables dry and clean to ensure the materials you work so hard to sort can be recycled. Blue Bags make your collector’s work safer, easier and more efficient.

The way Edmontonians sort and manage waste at home is changing.

Learn about garbage & recycling services for apartments, townhouses and condos.

Clear your ice and snow away from your collection area, and spread sand on icy areas.

For residents with temporary or permanent mobility challenges.

Can I still use my garbage stand/enclosure?

Carts cannot be collected from garbage stands or enclosures, and most garbage stands are too small to fit carts for storage.

If your carts fit, you are welcome to store them inside a garbage enclosure or on a stand when they are not in use, but for collection, carts need to be on level ground, not on a platform, garbage stand or on sloped ground.

What kind of garbage can should I use?

Your garbage can should be:

  • less than 100 litres in volume
  • have a secure, easily removable lid
  • have fixed (non-swiveling) handles

View the garbageman's choice poster to see a photo of the right can.

Waste will not be collected from oversize garbage cans. Residents who set out oversize garbage containers could face a $60 fine.

Purchasing new garbage cans is not recommended, as a garbage cart and a food scraps cart will be provided to you by the City between March and August 2021. Once the cart-based collection starts, the City will not be able to collect your garbage cans.

What can I put in the garbage?

Some items that can go into your garbage are:

  • regular bagged food waste, packaging, smaller worn-out household items
  • bundled or bagged yard and garden waste (tied branches must be under 4ft long)
  • broken dishes and glass (box and label sharps inside a marked, puncture-proof container)
  • floor sweepings, sawdust (inside a bag)

Note: All material must be properly bagged, bundled or put in approved cans. Please keep the weight to less than 20 kg so there's no risk of injury to your collector.

Help us collect your waste more efficiently - Buddy up your garbage and blue bags with your neighbour!

What items are not accepted in the garbage?
  • household hazardous waste (oven cleaners, paints, motor oil, pesticides, toilet cleaners, batteries, propane tanks, light bulbs, solvents, computer equipment)
  • large items (mattresses, box springs, furniture, televisions, stereos, sofas)
  • large appliances (fridges, stoves, freezers, dishwashers, hot water tanks)
  • building/renovation material (wood with nails sticking out, drywall, carpeting, lumber)
  • tree stumps/roots, manure, dirt or sod
  • tires and large metal auto parts
  • liquids
If you're not sure what can be recycled or thrown away, download the What Goes Where poster.
What can I do with the unacceptable items listed above?

Take them to a City Eco Station or the Edmonton Waste Management Centre. Eco Stations accept many items for free (for example, household hazardous waste and electronics).

If you're not sure what can be recycled, thrown away or taken to an Eco Station, download the What Goes Where poster.

How can I help my garbage collector work safely?

Read our Waste Collection Safety Tips. Your collector will be glad you did!

Where should I put my garbage cans or bags on collection day?

If you have front street collection:

  • Place your garbage at the curb
  • Remember to park your vehicle in your driveway
  • If there's road construction, put your waste where it is accessible

If your collection is in your rear lane:

  • Place the garbage at the rear property line
  • Ensure the waste cans are easily accessible
  • If there is construction in the lane, place your waste at the front curb
I live on the outskirts of town. Am I entitled to garbage collection?

The City provides waste pickup only where population density allows. If you're not in a collection area, you can arrange for collection on a cost-of-service basis by calling the Waste Management Customer Support Centre at 780-496-5698.

How can I keep wasps away from my garbage area?

Wasp's nest

Wasps love your garbage. Here are some tips to help minimize the number of wasps buzzing around your garbage:

  • Ensure that garbage bags are tied up and cans have lids.
  • Keep waste storage area clean. 
  • Bag empty wine crates as wasps are attracted to sugar and alcohol.
  • Remove wasps nests from garbage areas as soon as discovered.
  • Use wasp traps to distract them from the garbage area.
  • Place a fake wasp nest in your garbage area during the spring and summer as they are territorial (during the fall when wasps are more aggressive fake nests do not work).
  • During the spring and summer trim back any trees or bushes around your garbage stand.
What happens if my collection day falls on a statutory holiday?

Garbage and recycling are collected weekly on the same day of the week year-round, including statutory holidays. The only exceptions are Christmas Day (December 25) and New Year’s Day (January 1).

Garbage and blue bags must be out by 7am. 

For More Information


In Edmonton: 311
Outside Edmonton: 780-442-5311


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