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Please note: To adhere to the recommended physical distancing practices outlined by the Chief Medical Officer of Health, City Hall is closed to the general public. Please contact the Office of the City Clerk using the online or phone options available. Additionally, there are adapted protocols in place for those wishing to speak to Council, please refer to the instructions you receive when your request to speak has been processed. 

Agendas and Minutes

How do I find the Agenda/Minutes for a meeting that has already happened?

Agendas, Minutes and Video are available on

To access meeting agendas click the appropriate meeting on the calendar, a box will open where you can choose to view the HTML or PDF agenda.

For meetings from 2009 to present:

  1. In the top right corner of the calendar widget, click the "Upcoming/Past Meetings" button and scroll until you reach the "Past Meetings" section. 
  2. Select the meeting type you are looking for. You will have to scroll again to the "Past Meetings" section where you will find a reverse chronological order of the meetings that have already occurred. 
  3. You should see 4 links - one to the immediate right of the meeting information and three additional PDFs on the far right side of the widget. Select whichever is the document type you are looking for. 

For meetings prior to 2009:

  1. Visit the Past Council and Committee Meetings page. 
  2. Select the meeting type and year from the two drop down menus provided. 
  3. A list of the meetings of that type that occurred in that year should appear below the search tool. Click the link on the right hand side to view the Minutes for the meeting.
How do I know when and where a meeting will take place?

The Council and Committee schedule is approved by City Council once a year at its organizational meeting in October. A special meeting is a meeting that is added after the original schedule was approved. Changes to the schedule can only be approved by Council.

Standing Committee meetings typically take place in the River Valley Room on the main floor of City Hall. Public Hearings and City Council meetings are normally held in Council Chamber on the second floor of City Hall. Agendas always state where the meeting will take place.

When are agendas and minutes posted to the website?

Agendas are typically available at at least 10 clear days before the meeting, with most agendas released on Thursdays for the meetings 1.5 weeks later. Public Hearing agendas are typically posted 2.5 weeks before the meeting.

Minutes are typically available on the website three business days after the meeting has taken place.

Minutes are considered draft until they have been approved by City Council or Standing Committee. Minutes are typically approved at the next meeting of the same type. For example, City Council minutes are approved at the next City Council meeting, and Executive Committee minutes are approved at the next Executive Committee meeting.

To access meeting agendas click the appropriate meeting on the calendar, a box will open where you can choose to view the HTML or PDF agenda. To view a paper copy of an agenda or minutes, you can visit the Office of the City Clerk, located on the 3rd floor of City Hall.

How did your Mayor or Councillor vote on a particular issue?

The minutes of each meeting indicate how members of Council voted on every item. Any decisions on an item will be listed under each item title. 


Can I watch Council and Standing Committee meetings live from home?

Yes. There are 3 ways to view meetings live remotely.

  1. Once you’ve selected the meeting you want to watch, select Agenda (HTML) from the list of options to watch the livestream. 

    • Using this feature allows you to follow along on the agenda while watching. Parts of a meeting held in private will not be available.

  2. Watch at Council on the Web.

  3. Watch the Council Chamber YouTube channel.

When will a particular item be heard at the meeting?

Council and Standing Committees generally consider items in the order that they appear on the agenda. However, through a vote, items can be made time-specific.

Are Council and Standing Committee meetings recorded so I can watch them at another time?

Yes. Video recordings are published and linked to the agenda as soon as a meeting has concluded. 

  • In the calendar, select the link to the meeting in which you are interested
  • Select Agenda (HTML), Minutes (HTML), or Video to view the recording

Audio recordings of Council and Standing Committee meetings from the past 4 years are available on CD at a cost of $15.75 per CD. Please contact the Office of the City Clerk to request a copy 780-496-8171 or

How do I use the captions on the live stream?

Captions are available on the live stream at, by clicking on the far right icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the stream, and selecting "Captions - English". 

On the YouTube stream, captions can be turned on by click on the settings icon (the gear) at the bottom right of the video.


How do I find a Council or Standing Committee report for a future or past meeting?

Reports are linked to the agenda and minutes from the meeting in which they were considered. The City of Edmonton’s eAgenda allows you to search and view information and documents for upcoming and past meetings. You can also contact the Office of the City Clerk for assistance at 780-496-8171 or

The reports related to the item title on a Council or Standing Committee agenda are linked to the title. Select the title and the report and attachments will appear on the right side of the screen under the video. Select the PDF icons for the report and attachments to open in a new browser. 

For meetings before November 16, 2009, reports can be viewed by selecting the blue arrow (in older documents) or the blue underlined report title within agendas and minutes. The report will open in PDF format.

I can't open a report. What should I do?

If you cannot access a document, please call 780-496-8171 or email for assistance.

When I click an agenda item I get the message,“This item has no attachments” What does this mean?

If there is no paperclip icon to the right of a title on an agenda item, Tthere is no report or attachment related to the item you selected.

Request to Speak

How can I request to speak at a Committee meeting or Public Hearing?



  • Call 780-496-8178 from 8am – 4:30pm, Monday through Friday, excluding statutory holidays.

In person

  • Visit the Office of the City Clerk, 3rd Floor, City Hall.
  • You may also register at the meeting itself. To ensure that your request to speak is considered by Council or Committee, please arrive before the start of the meeting. For Statutory Public Hearings (land-use), you must register before the meeting begins.
How long do I have to speak?

All speakers have 5 minutes to make a presentation. You may only speak about an issue that is on the agenda. Following your presentation, any Member of Council has up to 5 minutes each to ask you questions.

When do I speak?

Speakers are heard in the order that they registered (first come, first served). At Public Hearings, those who speak in favour of the bylaw speak before those who are opposed. If someone is absent when it is their turn to speak, City Council will hear from the next person on the list.

Can I speak on behalf of someone else?

Yes, you may choose to speak for yourself or on someone else's behalf, provided that person has completed and signed an Authorization to Speak on Someone's Behalf form. You will need to bring the original, signed form to the meeting. 

If I'm speaking for myself and on behalf of someone else, do I get additional time?

No, you would still have 5 minutes to make a presentation.

Can I use a PowerPoint presentation or an overhead projector?

Yes. Please provide a copy of your presentation to the Office of the City Clerk at least two days before the meeting so that it can be loaded and ready for the meeting. You may bring a CD, a memory stick or email it to  

I have handouts for City Council. How many copies do I need and how do I give them to Councillors?

Bring 20 double-sided copies of your handout to the meeting and provide them to the Clerk. The Clerk will hand out your documents to City Council during your presentation.

Can I see the list of people registered to speak?

The list of registered speakers is not publicly available until City Council or Committee has voted to hear from speakers. The list of speakers will be included in the minutes.

If I can't attend the meeting, can I still submit my comments to City Council?

You can write a letter or email City Council about any topic at any time, or you can call the Councillors’ office at 780-496-8110.

What is the process of City Council Public Hearings?

Statutory public hearings are held approximately every 2 weeks, typically on Tuesdays. Under Alberta law (Municipal Government Act) each proposed change of land-use requires a bylaw to be approved by City Council. 

  • The Mayor will call the names of those registered to speak. Please stand and identify yourself when called.
  • City Administration will provide an overview of the bylaw.
  • Those in favour of the bylaw will speak.
  • Those opposed to the bylaw will speak.
  • Each speaker has up to 5 minutes to make their presentation. The red light on the podium will indicate the end of the 5 minutes.
  • When you are finished, please remain at the podium as Council may wish to ask you questions.
  • After all speakers have been heard, Council may ask questions of Administration.
  • Those who wish to speak to new information may do so.
  • Council may then close the public hearing, debate the bylaw and vote.

Voting on a bylaw

  1. City Council votes on first reading of the bylaw.
  2. City Council votes on second reading of the bylaw.
  3. City Council votes on consideration of third reading of the bylaw. This vote must be unanimous. If it is not, Council must wait until the next public hearing to vote on it. Consideration of third reading is only required when all votes are taking place at the same meeting. If City Council votes on first reading and then votes on second reading at a later meeting, they do not need to vote on consideration of third reading.
  4. Council votes on third reading of the bylaw. 
  5. If third reading is approved, the Mayor signs the bylaw.

For More Information

Office of the City Clerk

3rd floor, City Hall
1 Sir Winston Churchill Square
Edmonton, AB  T5J 2R7



Fax 780-496-8175

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